Limit Experimentation and Focus on Proven ROI

Membership in social network sites has been growing rapidly in the last few years and advertisers have been quick to exploit this opportunity. Along with this growth, advertising video spending is expected to grow 45% this year to reach $850 million.  Part of this increase is attributed to the added presence of professional video content on the Web.

Social networks provide companies with one of the best ways to build brand awareness and increase sales while content providers realize these sites have the potential for efficient distribution channels.  This realization has led to much experimentation with various applications and widgets.  However, the time for experimentation has passed and marketers are now consolidating their strategies and sticking with fewer proven vendors in order to increase their ROI.

What are the best practices that marketers should keep in mind as they consolidate?

SplashCast CEO Michael Berkley says the first step to maximizing ROI is to ensure content is professional, compelling, and constantly updated.  “Basically, for the sought after viral spread that gives presence in this space its value potential, you want to advertise on content that already has legs,”  Berkley says.

Also, a content provider should have the ability to update content in real time.  A particular widget developer may be preferred because it makes it easier to upload and refresh live in every application that is installed.

A marketer should have the means to measure the success of his advertising video campaign.  Metrics such as up-to-the-minute click-throughs or length of time a user spends time interacting with an application should be kept track of in order to help the marketer allot resources to the approach that works best.

Choose a widget provider who understands, hooks, says Berkley.  This way, more people will be able to view the message marketers wish to get across.   Utilities which make users’ lives easier are hooks in and of themselves, he adds.

Berkley also advices to work with companies that have figured out how to become available on any web page and mobile device.

Finally, always maintain quality in content.  Following these tips will lead to a better return for any marketer’s advertising video online campaign.


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