How To Write An Art History Research Essay: TIPS FOR EDITING YOUR ESSAY

I hope my tips for writing Art History Research Essay were useful. Here is another bonus for you:

● First read for flow
○ is it easy to read or do my ideas jump around too much?
○ have I grouped my main ideas together?
○ do my paragraphs have good lead sentences that link to the previous
○ Can I take words out and still have the sentence make sense?
● Then read for understanding
○ Have I answered the question?
○ Have I asked a question but not answered it?
○ Are there any statements that do not have evidence?
● Find the errors
○ Does what I’ve written meet the essay requirements?
○ New idea = new paragraph
○ Every statement needs support from the evidence which can either be
from the art work or from your research texts
○ Names, titles, dates are correct
○ Grammar is correct
○ Spelling is correct ­ especially names!
○ Punctuation is correct
○ Quotes are properly attributed ­ does your teacher want footnotes etc?
○ Introduction paragraph states my viewpoint
○ Conclusion summarises my argument
○ Either read it aloud or get someone else to read it too.

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