How To Write An Art History Research Essay: STEP 3

STEP 3: Make a plan (or two)

The organization will always make your life easier, and essay writing is no different. In this case, we are organizing information into a recipe for an essay and breaking everything down into easy­to­manage chunks to research.
First, we decide what points we want to discuss to address the essay topic and present as our argument (these are the yellow notes in our diagram). Now decide the order we want them to appear:
● 2 types ­ Action painting and Colourfield.
● wanted their works to be about “truth” and the “human condition”
● inspired by “primitive art”
● interested in psychotherapy ­ especially Carl Jung’s theory of the Collective
● considered to be a very masculine movement
*Notice how there is no mention of an introductory paragraph or a conclusion? These will be dealt with later.*
Break your main points down into how you will explain your argument by adding in “why” points (these are the orange notes in our diagram). Then add in the points that make up your own thoughts and questions (these are the magenta notes in our diagram):

Add on an introduction and conclusion, and in a very simplistic form, this is the basis of your essay plan AND your research plan! Once you have your research notes you simply include them at the appropriate point in the plan:

*At the end of this handout, there will be some bonus notes and tips on how to organize your research.

In case you missed Step 1 and Step 2, make sure you follow up.

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