How to Take Advantage of Your Great Communication Skills


Despite technology’s presence—or perhaps because of it—there are an increasing number of concepts that remain mysterious to the average person. We can’t exactly blame John Q. Public’s lack of widespread knowledge, considering that there is simply so much available information nowadays. Because of limited options, people tend to take the easy route, and concentrate on what won’t take too much of their time.


This fact represents a great opportunity for freelancers who have a knack for communication.


A great communicator isn’t judged by the amount of knowledge he or she possesses. Rather, it’s how well they can convey certain concepts to people who need or should know about them. Wouldn’t you respect someone who can make a topic more understandable? Personally, I appreciate those who take the time to explain complicated concepts in an easily comprehensible language.


Clients do too. Almost any client has a message that they want to convey, usually the benefits of a product or service. They are always looking out for people who can do this effectively. And a message’s effectiveness depends on how quickly it can be understood. Do you have what it takes to convert any message into an easily digestible form?


As a bonus, consider this: with great communication skills, you’ll have an easier time convincing clients to pay for your services. If you can summarize what you offer into an easily understood and compelling package, they will see how you can be so valuable for them. So I ask you this, fellow freelancers: how do you take advantage of your great communication skills? What do you do to improve them?

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