Direct TV Is Just Like On Line Video

Direct response video is a well-established, wildly successful marketing tool that is becoming mainstream throughout the Internet.  Since its inception on TV 20 years ago, direct response video has sold more than $100 billion of products for entrepreneurs and small business owners and people with great ideas and vision. In 2007 Direct Response TV is had one of its best years on record. However now with the economy in a recession budgets are tighter, and advertisers are more selective in selecting the media they choose to promote their products.

Online video marketing is still growing. There is a reason for that, online video is fast becoming the most effective way to reach and connect with Internet audiences.  The direct response video is designed to bring Internet users emotionally closer to the audience. Online video is close enough to television to feel familiar to traditional marketers and advertisers.  Large fortune 500 companies are using online video to promote their products. Apple sold a million video downloads within 21 days of launching its service.  Right now, online video is still a work in progress with much of the chaos – and dreams – that the early entrepreneurs experienced in TV of the 1950s and early ’60s.

Don’t get lured into a false sense of security, because these products are incredibly successful, direct response TV is without risk. It is easy to put video on your blog or website.  Along the lines of rich media content delivery for blogs and websites, the product must match the market.  There are even products like Instant Video Generator that easily and instantly turns your emails and websites into full sensory, multimedia marketing communications tools.  We are seeing more and more pictures, audio and video being integrating and syndicated within web content.

The delivery of visual and video content is dynamic; advertising models are in flux; and marketers and advertisers have a great many places to place their bets.  DRTV is far different from general advertising and therefore offers must be positioned accordingly.

Get creative, time to crank up the volume and craft your own Internet video. Online video is fast becoming the most effective way to reach and connect with your Internet audiences.  It all adds up to this: Now is the time for Internet video.


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