Personal Statement for College

How to get your personal statement for your college applications to be the best possible essay so I just have five quick tips and then I’ll go into more detail for each one so I’m just going to dive right into it and just in case you don’t know the new common app only asks for one essay now they got rid of them the short answer part of the application so now all you have to do is one personal statement essay and they give you like a few different topics that you can choose to write your essay about so whatever you choose to do there are some guidelines and I’m just going to kind of want to share that with you guys so the first tip that I’m going to give you is to hook the reader with an interesting opening this is your personal statement. Go to Edusson for more info.

It’s all about you and that you don’t want to make it sound like some really boring research paper put yourself in the shoes or in the position of the college admissions counselors you know if you had to read a hundred or a hundred a hundred personal statement essays all of different people and a good bunch of them start with something like for me high school has taught me so many things would you really want to continue that sa because it just sounds really boring and you don’t want to keep reading something that you’ve already read from 20 different people so make it personal with a cool beginning and awesome little opening sentence so.

For example if you are a football player and you love and you want to be like a d1 football player but when when you are in Iceland you broke your arm so instead of starting with something like bad things happen to everyone when I was a sophomore bla bla I would suggest just start with my life changed when my dreams of becoming a football player in college were shattered my arm was also shattered or something like that something that invites the reader which are the people that are saying yes or no you are going back to that University want to continue leading make them want to continue reading if you feel like your essay is something try making the introduction just that have been more exciting and maybe that’s just all need for an awesome message the second one is for you to give background.

So there’s this little method that works really well and that if I didn’t make it up it actually is a thing that people use and it’s the zoom in zoom out method so you start with the climax of the story you do min right away then you zoom out you give some background information you explain you know everything a little bit more detail and kind of go over everything that has been happening and then you zoom back in at the end and explain why this is so important. See a similar articles on Edusson.

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