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Every area of industry and commerce can be improved with Project Management. Training for a career in Project Management will lead to some really absorbing and satisfying assignments in industry. If you have a methodical mind and can structure your thoughts well, this could be right for you. The ability to communicate well with others is a plus point as well, because much of the success of a project depends on everyone pulling together.

…Delivering The Goods

Industry and commerce has a constant need to improve on their quality objectives, whilst keeping price and time to a minimum. Large scale projects can involve a complex mix of time lines, tasks, people and organisations. Whilst training you could become a member of the support team in a project, then a programme officer or team leader for one section of a project.

There are many colleges and training companies offering courses in Project Management. All project management training will cover certain fundamentals, but the more advanced the course, the more you will get into the complexities of planning and controlling large scale operations. If you need help writing essays, quickly go to this site. 

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Common Terms

Project Management has a good deal of terminology that students need to comprehend. As well as learning about basic PM tools and techniques, it’s essential to be familiar with common terms and the current ways of thinking. Do some research of your own to discover the different approaches used by Project Managers, and the various training routes that will prepare students for work.

Project Management In The 20th Century

By the mid twentieth century we had moved into the early days of the modern Project Management era, when it started to become recognised as a discipline in its own right. When the US Navy was developing the Polaris Missile system, a new technique was needed to cope with all the various aspects of the job. Thus the PERT chart was developed to simplify the planning and scheduling of this massive project. This and other mathematical techniques such as the Critical Path Method (CPM) started to spread. Pioneering work by Hans Lang and others led to technology for estimating and managing costs, along with engineering economics.


Under the original name ‘International Management Systems Association’, the renamed International Project Management Association was established in the sixties. Over forty thousand people are now members of this Swiss registered alliance. The International Project Management Association offers a four level certification track ranging from Associate to Director.

The Project Management Institute

Two years after the IPMA was formed, the PMI (Project Management Institute) was founded in America. In the nineties it published its first version of the definitive guide to project management, the PMBOK Guide. It’s designed to cover variables that will apply to the majority of projects throughout industry. In addition to the general guide, specialised extensions have now been produced which cover the unique aspects of certain industries (e.g. Government, construction etc). Training courses are available which cover all aspects of the PMBOK Guide. They will prepare you for some of the most the industry-respected qualifications, which in conjunction with on-going experience in the field will really advance your professional career.

PRINCE2 – PRojects IN Controlled Environments

In the UK, PRINCE2 is a very popular project management method, and there are many companies providing training programs in it. The model embodies many years of ‘Best Practice’ in project management. Students undergoing this training will learn how to manage projects within a clearly defined framework. The adoption of PRINCE2 promotes continual learning and improvement for staff members and organisations. It’s a checklist for success.

Depending on your present level of knowledge and experience, you may wish to consider other college introductory courses. Essentially your training needs to cover skills and techniques that you can perfect as you build your real life experience in industry. Shop around on the internet to find the ideal training for you.

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