Protect Your Bandwidth From Content Thieves


Content scraping, the process of automatically copying one website’s content and publishing it on another, has been gaining popularity lately. Content scrapers don’t really care if they’re caught plagiarizing the hard work of someone else, because they’re looking for better rankings on search engines, rather than a genuine audience to interact with. Nevertheless, it’s always wise to make sure everyone knows where credit is due. This is easily achieved by putting the author’s information on every article.


What’s more problematic are content scrapers who not only steal your content, but grab images from your website as well. Aside from claiming credit for the compelling visuals you use to make a point, they are also eating up your bandwidth.


Neerav has a great solution, and it is also completely automated. He may not be successful at embarrassing RSS scrapers (for the reason previously mentioned), but at least he won’t spending unnecessarily for bandwidth. At the same time, he also makes sure that the visitor to a content scraper site knows who’s responsible for what they’re reading.


What happens is that when a content scraper tries to load an image from your site, it will be replaced by an image of your choice. It could contain a brief message explaining that your content is being stolen, or simply an obscene visual. It’s all up to you.

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